10 Amazing Benefits of Castor Oil

Make heads turn towards you with these amazing benefits of Castor Oil. If you are looking for multi-purpose oil, literally multipurpose with benefits from medicinal to moisturizing then your search should end at castor oil. It is a multipurpose vegetable oil similar to coconut oil, argan oil, and rose hip.

 It is most commonly found in the tropical areas of Africa and Asia. In the USA it is found along the banks of streams, rivers, bottom lands and dry lands which are warm with sufficient moisture and nutrients for growth.

Process of Extracting Castor Oil

Scientific name of Castor is Ricinus communis. The seeds of castor are crushed for extracting oil which can be directly applied with a cotton swab or taken inside. The raw extracted oil is poisonous because of the toxic enzyme in it called ricin. The toxicity is reduced by heating.  Jamaican castor oil is found more potent and beneficial.

Origin of Castor Oil

It is old, as old as the pyramid itself an is found in usage from 4000 B.C. Evidences of usage in Egypt around 1500 BC is found in Ebers Papyrus. Around 18th century it came to common use to almost half the world.

It has various benefits in medicinal, industrial and pharmaceutical uses. 10 amazing such uses of castor oil are discussed below:

1.    Benefits of Castor Oil in Skin Care

Castor oil has amazing results when used as a skin care product. There are various benefits when applied directly on the skin or mixed with a pinch of turmeric. It protects skin from aging and against wrinkles. It is healthful to your skin for an inner glow. It soothes down the problematic dry and unhealthy skin. When used with turmeric, it is a perfect skin lightening agent and cures Acne.

castor oil benefits for healthy skin
2.    Benefits of Castor Oil in Hair Care

It promotes hair growth and was used as hair oil by Tamil women about 3 decades ago. Get healthy, shiny and bouncy hair on regular use. It makes your hair silky and tame the flyaways with uses of castor oil. Applying regularly on eye-brows, boosts hair growth on brows and lashes.

3.    Benefits of Castor Oil as Medicine

It has been an additive in foods, medications and skin care products since 1800s. It is mixed with 40% of alcohol and treated for sun burns. It cures eye irritation, a natural remedy for styes and arthritis. Treating Ringworm, Heal Dry, and Cracked Heels since ages!

4.    Benefits of Castor Oil as Lubricant

It is used as a lubricant in industrial machinery and common household purposes when mixed with other oils.

5.    Benefits of Castor Oil as Cosmetics

It is a wonderful natural moisturizer and can be used to condition cuticles in manicure and pedicures.

6.    Benefits of Castor Oil as Fuel

With growing climate crisis, Castor oils are wonderful bio-diesels. It is used to fuel lamps in Ancient South India.

7.    Benefits of Castor Oil as Vegetable Oil

It is edible oil and still in use as vegetable cooking oil. A small amount of Castor oil is added while cooking high calorific food to reduce gastric trouble.

8.    Benefits of Castor Oil in Labour

It is given to pregnant women in labour as it loosens the pelvic bones and stimulates labour. By applying it regularly reduces stretch marks.

9.    Benefits of Castor Oil as Laxative

It is a powerful and natural laxative. When taken orally the ricin acts with bowels and reduces constipation. If you are struggling from Piles or Constipation, then castor oil is the best cure.

10.   Anti- fungal benefits of Castor Oil
benefit of castor oil for glowing skin

It is found to be anti-fungal and cures fungal infections in the feet. It is a wonderful cure for ringworms and itch worms.

Uses of castor oil are numerous. It is in usage since we learnt to use fire and stone. It is pathetic that we haven’t realized its usage. But it has a few allergic effects and if you experience any of the following meet a doctor immediately:

  • Dizziness
  • Abdominal Cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Electrolyte disturbance
  • Low blood pressure
  • Pelvic congestion
  • Itchiness
  • Skin inflammation
  • Uncomfortable Rash
  • Stinging sensation
  • Swelling of the face and throat
  • Difficulty breathing

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