How To Make Hazel Eyes Pop?

If you have these dazzling brown eyes and looking for a perfect eye shadow for brown eyes and a waterproof highlighter that goes with it to make your eyes pop, your search ends here. Hazel eye color is somewhere between golden brown and green which is very sensitive and changes color according to the environment. If reflects color in a different way.

Choosing the right palettes of eye shadows and waterproof highlighters that match them

The choice of eye shadows for brown eyes is complicated and you need to choose according to the colour the eyes are reflecting. The following are the colours of waterproof highlighters which can be used.

When you have green reflection

Eye shadows for the brown eyes when they reflect green colour, choose the following palettes to look stunning,

  • A golden touch with bronze, gold and copper
  • A brownie eye with shades of chocolate brown and mustard yellow
  • Give a beach look with the shades of beige, taupe and peach
  • Smoky look with purple, mauve and plum
  • Darker eyes with deep greens and mossy green
When you have brown reflection

Choose from the following palette if your hazel eyes look brown. These eye shadows for the brown eyes are flattering,

  • A natural tanned eye looks with shades of tan, brown and beige.
  • A silvery look to that bullet like eyes with the colors of charcoal gray and silver.
  • Regular trim look with khaki, mocha and olive green
  • Earthly look with shades of gold and brown
  • Flowery touch with shades of blue, lavender and violet. A set of darker shades will highlight more.
When you have blue reflection

Eye shadow for brown eyes when they look blue and have small bluish-green tint, these combos will highlight your eyes.

  • Get that bold look and also wit flowery touch with shades of pink, rose and lavender.
  • The regular black eye makeup with charcoal, black and brown shades.
  • The high end silvery looks with silver, copper and gray
  • Bluish highlight with turquoise, light blue a dark blue. This goes perfectly for beach dresses and gives an aquatic look.

Other colors which highlights the hazel brown eyes

There are other factors that affect the color of brown eyes apart from eye shades and the waterproof highlighters we use. They are:

  1. The color of the dress
  2. The color of the hair
Dress color influences eye color

The colors of the dress we wear have influences over the color of our eyes and the brightness of face. Only a few colors go well with the brown eyes and highlight or pop the hazel brown eyes. They are khaki, green and black. They help to bring out the true reflection of eye color.

Hair color influences eye color

The color of hair also has a great influence in highlighting the color of eyes. Colors and shades of brown hair and red hair pop out the hazel eyes better. A shade of brown is much preferred while highlighting hazel brown eyes.

Simple eye makeup

Simpler eyes are the best. Though smoky and dark eye makeup help you in bringing out the eye colour better, simpler eyes will make them look a natural beauty.

A simple line of purple eyeliner or black liner would emphasis the eyes better. Another simple and traditional makeup style is the tropical sunset style of eye makeup with perfect eye shadow for brown eyes.  This helps in highlighting the brown eyes in a better way than too much colors on the eyelids.

Eye makeup is as important as any other part which needs emphasis.  It gives the perfect look to the face. A proper eye makeup with right shades of colors is important. Choosing an eye shadow for brown eyes (more specifically hazel brown eyes) along with waterproof highlighters was discussed.

Be a stunner by trying out all the suggested palettes! These are specially created for the brown eye stunners who look to highlight their special features as in fairy tales. A few modifications in the color palette go well with male eye makeup. Choose an eye shadow that sparkles with your eyes!

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