12 Professional Beard looks for Office

One of the major concerns for men is whether they want to keep a beard. While the beard look is trending currently, it is hard to pick the ideal look for the workplace. There is an array of excellent beard look that you can ace at your workplace and look fantastic yet professional. To help you here, we have listed 12 professional beard look for the office.

1. Short Beard

If your workplace allows you, you can keep a short beard in the most presentable way. For this, you would have to trim the facial hair from time to time. Also, make sure they are neat. You can use a beard serum to tame your unruly facial hair. This look features a thin beard at the center and thicker at the sideburns.

2. Trimmed Beard

This beard look is perfect for all kinds of formal events. This is one of the classic beard looks that looks perfect on all types of face shapes. This type of beard has short hair of the same length and a mustache. So not forget to trim it regularly.

3. Balbo Beard

Balbo Beard

If you are a great fan of Robert Downey Jr., you would love this beard look. It looks professional and is ideal for casual gatherings as well. It features well-groomed and thin French-Style with a patch. It is perfect for all the modern men out there who love to experiment with their looks.

4. Circle Beard

You can also spot a circle’s beard look at your office. It would give you a neat appearance and is ideal for men with the round face shape. This beard is characterized by round goatee and mustache. It is easy on maintenance and is easy and can be trimmed regularly to achieve a neat look.

5. Standard Goatee

You can even consider a Goatee beard style. This look is also simple to achieve. All you would have to do is regularly trim the long facial hair to maintain the look. The style is best suited to all the men who have a heart or diamond-shaped face. This is one of the ideas; professional beard looks for the office. Do consider it!

6.  Chinstrap Beard Look

Next in our list of professional beard look for office is this trendy beard style that is very easy don. A simple chain strap with a natural mustache looks perfect on the working men. It rightly highlights your facial features and is ideal for pulling off at formal and casual events. You can even wear it with your ethnic outfit.

7. Mutton Chops

Another beard look that you can carry at your workplace is Mutton chops beard style. It is amongst the iconic beard styles. It perfectly highlights the jawline. This classic style could be modified according to your personality. You can either maintain sports mutton chops or double it with the natural mustache. This beard style has beard hair on the sides that merges with the sideburns.

8. Soul Patch Beard

This is one of the ideal beards that look for the office. It looks elegant and straightforward. You can double up this look with the natural mustache or even do without it. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you maintain the look. Trim the beard and mustache regularly to keep the same length. You can get a wide range of trimmers and other grooming essentials on MensXP Shop. Do use Mensxp shop coupons to get a massive discount on your shopping.

9. Short Stubble

This is one of the most popular beard styles that are apt for the modern man. It is perfect for attaining a professional look. This type of beard look features a mix of clean shave look and beard look. In case you weren’t to add some edge to your looks, you can trim down the length of the facial hair.

10. Thick and Thin Beard

This trendy beard look comprises of patches of thin and thick facial hair. This type of beard can quickly be pulled off on western and traditional attires as well. Also, this is ideal for all the men who have a round or oblong face. This beard style will do complete justice with your overall look. 

11. Short and Tapered Beard

This is a distinct yet smart style. It is one of the trendy beard styles as well. The best thing about this beard look, it gives you an attractive look at the office, and you can also carry it to your casual parties with denim and shirts. Though it would provide a rugged look, that would be ok, especially for the offices that are not too strict.

12. Modern Thick Beard

The latest actor to rock this beard look is Vickey Kaushal. This beard look is the perfect combination of a goatee and a thick beard. It gives a dapper look, and you can seamlessly carry it from office to parties.


This was our list of trendy professional beards looks for the office. Do let us know which is your current favorite?

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