Bring Nature into Your Home with Ganapati Hegde’s Painting

The handpicked collection of paintings, traditional art, Landscapes, portraits, sculptures, limited edition prints, and serigraphs that add light to your homes, studios, and everywhere they are around. He is also the creator of mythological, historical paintings, in a symbolic form.

Why Ganapati Hegde’s Painting for your Home Walls

Each piece by Ganapati Hegde has been the light of most of the  galleries, stores, designers, as the viewers gain experience of discovering that unique find. Ganapati Hegde has his own style of painting that adds realistic effects to the paintings. The flair, finesse, and unique art with greenery, teemed with the beauty of butterflies, caterpillars, from the sky to flowers, forests to the beach, each painting tell their own story. Ganapati Hegde has made the viewers enter the fantasy world of paintings with their unexpected elements such as the beauty of flora and fauna that, when used at the right place and time, create a more magnanimous entity.

The concept of Ganapati Hegde’s painting based on Mother Nature that has intricately added flavors to with bright colors, and a break from busy routine, and add life to dull walls. He has the ability to connect any of the elements with each other such as a forest with a river, a scene of a waterfall with flowers, or any nature lover element.

Metaphorically, the paintings are the combination of nature, of various playful stances with the visual allegory, and Ganapati Hegde has always drawn inspiration in every possible way by his masterpiece.

He extends the human forms and builds extensions from the natural landscape with his art.

What’s most inspiring about them is how different each painting in the series is from the other — nature is so fleeting, always changing and transforming, colors and lights moving in ways that can never fully be captured yet toy with the imagination.

The most inspiring about his paintings is it connects from one concept to others, the transformed colors, and lights that are captures the imagination of the viewers. Ganapati Hegde’s paintings give a reminder to the people the beauty of nature.

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