Culinary Tour To Puerto Rico – A Delightful Adventure In The Island

Wondering what could be the most delicious destination in the world? Set off to find out. Every traveller may not be a foodie, but every foodie is definitely a traveller exploring the savory delights of different places. A foodie traveller is truly knowledgeable, in that she/he knows the beautiful locations of the place they have been to and the delicious cuisine of that place. If you have already planned the things to do in Puerto Rico on your holiday, do not fail to include the most essential culinary adventure in Puerto Rico.

The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico’s cuisine is a concoction of American, Spanish, Taino and African influence, called “cocina criolla” or Creole cooking. The cooking predominantly includes flavorful spices such as coriander and cocoa and ingredients such as plantains and papaya.  For an all-round and guided food tour, consider the below culinary adventures in Puerto Rico.

  1. The Spoon Experience:

There are local companies like “Spoon” that plan culinary adventures in Puerto Rico and organize food tours, helping tourists explore the city like a local. All you need to do is book one from a range of extensive tours.

a) Sunset walk and Taste Tour –The evening walk tour on the streets of San Juan takes a break at nine restaurants to discover the scrumptious traditional and modern dishes of Puerto Rico – mofongo, lip-smacking chocolate martini, fish croquettes and the unforgettable flavour of longaniza, a favorite local sausage.  You’ll not realize that you have tasted ten food items including a variety of cocktails as a part of this walking tour beholding magnificent views of the sunset in the city.

b) Sip & Savor Cocktail Tour – Starting around 5 pm, this tour allows you to experience the spirit of Puerto-Rican nightlife in Old San Juan. Escorted by a local bar expert, you’ll visit well-known bars. Fill your glasses with classic drinks, trendy brews, and cocktails. Don’t just stop with drinks, bar bites are waiting to be gobbled down.

c) San Juan Drive-around Food Tour – On every Wednesday, Friday & Saturday at 12:00 pm, go on a gastronomic drive in a minivan around the city. The guide educates you on the history of Puerto Rican diverse cuisine and culture during the drive to Calle Loíza- where you get to relish the traditional Puerto Rican and Mexican dishes; Piñones -where you can indulge in beach-side crisp fritters and unique rums; and Santurce- a hotspot of art, music, hotels and cuisine. End this rich cultural and culinary tour in Puerto Rico with a perfect cup of coffee.

Culinary Tour To Puerto Rico
  • Flavors of San Juan – Food & Culture Tours:

‘Flavors of San Juan’is another popular food-tour company. The guided walking tours through the colourful streets of San Juan introduce you to the history and culture of the old city through its local cuisine. The tour is a course of five stops at multiple local restaurants, “panaderias” (pastry houses) and coffee shops.  Taste Mofongo, Puerto Rico’s signature dish; chicken criolla, sample traditional croquetas filled with ham and chicken mixture; pastries; sip the legendary piña colada, and never miss the coffee at local coffee shops along the walk. The Spanish architecture of the buildings, historic details narrated by your guide and the authentic local cuisine will fill your stomach and heart.

The departure to this culinary adventure in Puerto Rico’s capital San Juan takes place in the morning and afternoon.

  • Rum Distillery tour to Casa Bacardí:

Do you know that Puerto Rico is known as “The Rum Capital of the World”? The standard rum is typically made using molasses, subjected to continuous distillation and aging of 1-6 years in oak barrels. We know you are now sure that you want to be a part of this culinary adventure in Puerto Rico and swallow the distinctive rums and cocktails.  Join the 90-minute ‘Casa Bacardí distillery tour’ in Cataño accepting their welcoming drink. After purchasing the entry-ticket, learn how rum is made (Historic tour); gulp down the fine rums and vintages of the Bacardi family (Rum Tasting); and learn bartending skills (Mixology tour). You’ll also receive a certificate of completion at the end of the tour!

Other Distillery tours: Tour to Ron del Barrilito in Bayamón, PitoRico distillery in Jayuya and Serrallés Castle which prepares local favorite Don Q Rum explore this awesome cooking tour just by clicking Indian Eagle and fly.

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