How to help against the Coronavirus? 4 Things you can do from Home

In recent days, the situation all around the world has caused a gigantic impact throughout the world, both in health and in economic terms. But while the most vulnerable are being particularly affected by this exceptional situation, there are also many who have aroused a feeling of solidarity and who are asking from their homes how to help against the coronavirus.

  • Help Families with Children Most in Need

Since the emergency of COVID-19 was declared, families at risk of exclusion with dependent sons and daughters, many of them single mothers with poorly paid jobs or who have been dismissed due to the emergency, have faced a situation where they have great difficulty in obtaining necessary things like food for their children.

Therefore, from Save the Children we have launched an urgent program to serve all those families who now have nothing easy to pay for the food of their sons and daughters.

More than 6,500 families from our programs to fight poverty in India are in this situation. That is why we have started a fundraising project to be able to attend each and every one imminently.

To give you an idea of ​​what you can do with a financial contribution, with € 14 a month it is possible to help three families at risk for 15 days while the state of alarm continues. Therefore, if you are in a situation where you can collaborate, we ask you to help us reach those more than 6,500 families in India.

  • Make A Donation for The Coronavirus Emergency

Another way to help these families with children in their care in situations of special vulnerability is to make a specific donation to the Coronavirus Emergency Fund. These donations will go to the aid program for the 6,500 families at risk of social exclusion so that they can face the COVID-19 emergency. They will become food vouchers for single-parent families or families with low-income workers, online school reinforcement for the period in which boys and girls cannot attend class, and psychosocial support for the little ones.

  • Helps in The Prevention of Coronavirus

You can also help reduce the spread of the virus by taking preventive measures that have been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). In addition to learning how to wash your hands correctly, and in which situations you can or cannot leave the house, we bring you some tips for homes with boys and girls.

  • Spread On Your Networks Over the Internet

Take advantage of communication on your social networks and online contacts with your closest circles to make visible the needs of single mothers and families most vulnerable to the coronavirus emergency. Help us reach those 6,500 families by sharing the emergency page and disseminating truthful and proven information on prevention and recommended measures in this situation.

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