How to Write Perfect Just Because Messages for Anyone

We all remember sending wishes on Diwali, Christmas and all other holidays. But at times, it may seem to express your emotions through words. You do not need to wait for yet another festive season to say what you really feel.

With loads of eCommerce stores worldwide, it is easy to send a nice present or exotic florets via flower delivery in gurgaon. But your presents seem to be a generalist if you do not personalize it with a custom message, especially for the recipient. 

When words fall short to express the heartfelt emotions, herein are some ‘Just because’ messages created for every relationship.

To Your Loving Dad

Dear Dad,

You have given us everything to make our life full of happiness and comfort.

Who else would have taken so much pain to stay awake to help us prepare for the board exams?

Who else would have ensured that we stay safe and healthy?

Just because you are always there for us, I feel overwhelmed and secure in life.

Thank you for everything you did so silently yet perfectly.

All the Love and Respect,

(Your Name)

If you are about to wish a happy birthday to your father, want to compose a special message for him on Father’s Day or just want to offer your gratitude, this message is suitable to attach with a flower bouquet or a gift.

To Your Loving Mom 

To the Most Sweetest Mom on the Planet,

Mom you are divine blessing in my life. You took all the care to keep us safe, cooked those delicious meals every day, looked after us.

Today, I can do things successfully just because you have taught me to face challenges in different spheres of life.

Words cannot express the gratitude I have in my heart for you. Thank you, mom.

With great love

(Your Name)

Though there is no special time to say thanks to your mother who is the divine blessing in life. Whether you just feel like saying ‘Thank you mom’ or about wow her on Mother’s Day, write these magical words on the card to watch the tears of joy in her eyes.

To an Elder Sibling

Hey Sis/Bro,

From the very first day of my life, you have been such a wonderful friend, philosopher, and guide.

We share so many pleasant memories of childhood. You did everything for me whenever I was in need.

Today, just because you are away in a new country does not create distances between us.

Thank you for tolerating me, sharing your toys with me, giving your books.


(Your Name)

To Younger Sibling

Hey Sis/Bro,

My life changed the day you came. It was so pleasant to have a companion of great trust who always took stand for me.

Just because it was great to share everything we had, I want to share my thoughts today and the rest of my life with you.

Thanks for being there,

(Your Name)

To a Friend

Whether your friend is out for a new job or it’s a friendships day, express the following message with Bloomsvilla flowers for flower delivery in Gurgaon to tell how special the person is.

Dear (Name of Your Friend)

None of us had thought that we will come this long way when we first met in our college. It was such a funny incident.

Just because you stood by me through all the chores of life, it feels so special to be friends forever!

Thanks Buddy,

(Your Name)

To a Colleague

Just because it feels awesome to share the work desk with you, I want to wish you a very happy and prosperous life ahead.

Best Regards,

(Your Name)

From a Co-worker Group

Dear (Name of the Professional)

After a long tiring project, it feels great to be still together planning for the newer collaborations. Just because, we had such a nice working experience with you, guess who all want to say ‘Thanks’. (Write the names of the group members)

Best Regards,

From the Team


This is just a sample idea of how to craft exquisite ‘Just because’ messages for people who are most important in life. You mandatorily do not need to follow these lines exactly. Instead, you can draw inspiration herein to pen down your wishes on the card and flower delivery in Gurgaon.

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