Jewelry Industry Today: Role of Alternative Metal Jewelry

There is a shift in customer behavior, their demands which lead to the change in many jewelry retailers to invest in alternative metal jewelry. There are many economic challenges, years ago when the global recession was there it was a test for many industries and jewelers around the world. From brass to precious platinum you can find jewelry in every metal. Each will have advantages and disadvantages. Also, it is really important to what metal you are buying because you may be highly allergic to a few of them.

Metal jewelry has gained the attention of many of the fashion designers because of their uniqueness, affordability. For the retailers it paid off quite nicely, as many customers happily embrace their customized metal jewelry and this has saved many retailers to ruin during the global recession time.

It is known to everyone that gold jewelry and platinum is a kind of investment much, and gold is basically used as a monetary asset but if you really want to flaunt it is not the right the choice for you. Contemporary jewelry is usually considered as the manufacturing of unique and innovative jewelry.

Metals Used in Jewelry

The question is raised of whether there is still a line between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry? As the majority of the customer’s perception has changed and people prefer fashion jewelry more. What are the metals used in the making of jewelry? Let’s talk about some of the top metals used for making jewelry:

1. Aluminum

It has many unique properties and several advantages when it comes to jewelry. According to the US Geological Survey, aluminum is very malleable, so artisans can form it into gorgeous shapes. Aluminum is affordable and is the 2nd most common metal found on earth. As it is very lightweight, it can be used even for big jewelry pieces and wide cuff bracelets making it comfortable for the customers.

2. Sterling Silver

When you talk about jewelry sterling silver is the most liked due to its nature such as long-lasting and durable. As silver is very soft, you will never find pure silver, it is always sterling silver constituents include-92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. Metal jewelry is a very popular choice for sterling silver jewelry such as –pendants, earrings, pearl necklaces, bracelets, and more.

Silver filled metal is also a popular choice amongst many. It’s basically a cheap metal and over it there is a silver coating. They are affordable and make sense for components such as chains and earrings making it affordable and long-lasting.

 3. Gold

When talking about the actual gold content, it’s measured in karats, which the ratio of other pure gold to other metals. The maximum gold content is 24k which is very soft and malleable. People usually prefer 14 or 18k of gold (75% of pure gold). It is the most popular and versatile metals among women and can be almost crafted in any shape. In addition to warm yellow, it can be in many other colors like white gold, green gold, and rose gold.

As it is one of the most expensive metals on the planet cannot be easily afforded by all and people have rare choices.

4. Platinum

It is one of the most expensive, rare, and precious of all metals. It has become synonymous with luxury and longevity. The price is really justified as this metal will never tarnish. Popular and highly used for engagement rings and it is the best choice for fine jewelry. The high demand for the metal and very low supply drives the price up for this precious metal. It is usually an alloy of 95% platinum and 5% of other metals.

5. Base Metal

Base metals include iron, copper, titanium, brass among others. They corrode pretty easily and are abundant in nature thus are very cheap and usually used in the making of hammered disc pendants. They are much more economical to use and are the opposite of precious metals.

The jewelry industry has never been stagnant, and alternative metal jewelry like sterling silver will continue to move forward with the growing demand and time and plays an integral role in the industry. If you are interested in experimenting with your jewelry Wearlikes is best for you where you could find affordable and unique designs. Products, services, and solutions are of superior quality and render the most value to customers with respect and commitment.

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