How to restore a healthy look to hair?

Remember the old tip: to make your hair beautiful, comb it, do a hundred strokes with a brush? Of course, a hundred is too much. But if you slowly draw a brush or comb with short and thick natural bristles (for example, from a wild boar) 20-30 times slowly through the hair, they will become more smooth and shiny. Hairdressers call this technique a hair polish. The explanation is simple: this combing really polishes the hair, smoothing the cuticle scales – and they begin to restore a healthy look to hair.

  • Use special products for shine hair

Almost every brand has such a line. These are various products with vitamins (primarily panthenol), plant extracts, collagen, keratin, glycerin, betaine, volatile silicones, various natural oils. If you need fast and maximum results, choose professional products. Only you should first consult with a hairdresser: having made a mistake in choosing (for example, choosing a treatment that is not suitable for your type of hair), you can worsen the condition of your hair. Yes, it will gain shine, but the hairstyle will begin to quickly lose shape.

And be careful with oils, indelible sprays and serums for shining hair: if you overdo it a little with their amount, the hair will stick together and will appear oily.

  • Do hair lamination

In the beauty salon, to add shine to your hair, you can be offered a procedure for lamination or elution. Although the principle of action of the compositions used for them is radically different, the essence of the procedures is basically the same: a special composition (transparent or with a touch) is applied to the hair for 20-30 minutes with proteins and other biologically active substances that, as it were, stick together scattered cuticle flakes and smooth porous hair, making it more shiny, smooth and obedient. Moreover, the effect lasts 3-6 weeks.

  • Dye your hair with henna

It doesn’t matter – color or colorless – gloss will be guaranteed. Unlike chemical dyes, henna does not penetrate the structure of hair rods, and like laminating agents it envelops them, filling in irregularities in the upper scaly layer. An additional bonus is that the hair will become stronger and begin to grow better, since henna also strengthens them well. And also such strengthening “masks” – an effective tool for combating dandruff. However, remember that after staining with henna, chemical dyes may “not take” or the result will be the most unexpected (up to a marsh-green hue). For the same reason, after dyeing hair with henna, including colorless, it is not recommended to do perm or chemical hair straightening.

  • Add sourness

By changing the pH to acidic, it is also easy to smooth the cuticle and make the hair shine. Many balms for shine of hair work according to this principle – the effect is achieved by adding fruit acids, extracts or citrus essential oils to their composition. And a very simple option – you can add lemon juice or vinegar to the rinsing water (a tablespoon per liter of water). By the way, this acidification also softens the water. And hard water is one of the reasons that hair remains dull, despite all your efforts: the salts present in it react with a detergent. As a result, a precipitate forms on the hair, depriving them of shine. In order to remove it, fruit acids or salicylic acid are added to many shampoos.

  • Use natural masks

The easiest homemade mask for shine hair – with egg yolk. It contains vitamins A, B and E. Amino acids and lecithin perfectly nourish, moisturize and restore even damaged hair. For maximum effect, it is better to mix the yolk with oil (for example, olive, avocado or jojoba). The resulting mixture is applied to the hair 30-40 minutes before washing.

According to psychologists, in women hair loss, loss of their shine and vitality causes a direct association with loss of attractiveness, which can lead to the development of stress and depression. Having noticed the problems, women try to solve them using all kinds of means for which fabulous money goes.

But does beauty always require financial sacrifice? And what is the secret to healthy hair? Follow the above mentioned tips to restore a healthy look to hair

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