Tips and Tricks for Buying Makeup on a Budget

Kitting yourself with a full collection of beauty products get really expensive really quickly. When you take the time to calculate everything you want it’s actually pretty staggering how big that final number is. So, when you’re shopping on a budget, just how do you manage to add to your make up collection without compromising your rent money? There are a few tips and tricks to follow to get the best of both worlds, sticking on budget and grabbing yourself those coveted beauty items you’re desperate for. Read on for your savvy pointers…

Be smart with your browsing

First things first, try and avoid the trap of convincing yourself that if a product doesn’t have a luxury fashion house name attached to it then it’s no good – this simply isn’t true. With these uber luxe products, you’re often paying a crazy mark up for fashionable packaging, name and added scents (which you don’t actually want on your skin all day anyway). Reframe your mindset towards products and you’ll find that you don’t feel like dropping hundreds of dollars on a powder that’s made in the same lab as a $20 one.

Find foundation with high coverage and SPF

Saving money usually calls for streamlining your beauty routine, this means that you can still afford quality products. Try replacing your tinted moisturiser or light coverage foundation for a fuller coverage product. You can still achieve a light effect by mixing it with your moisturiser whilst also using it straight in place of a concealer! Make sure your foundation has SPF in it to avoid adding another step (and therefore more money) to your makeup routine.

Buy different shades of your favourite concealer or foundation

Once you’ve got your favourite foundation or concealer down, consider picking it up in a few shades lighter and a few shades darker as well. Spending more money to save money? That’s right. Different shades of concealer or foundation can multi-function as your contour, bronzer, blusher and even eyeshadow, saving you a huge sum down the line.

Multi-purpose your lipstick as blusher

Your lipstick can work as the perfect cream blush on a day to day basis! Simply dot your tube onto your finger and blend onto the apples of your cheeks. The best thing about this is that you know the shade fits perfectly with your colouring and you’re creating a really seamless, almost monochromatic look for yourself.

Multi-purpose your mascara as eyeliner

An angled brush can turn your mascara into your favourite liquid eyeliner in just a few strokes. Dip your brush into the top of the tube or around the stem of your mascara wand and paint on your lines just as you would with a cream, gel or liquid product. This also means that your mascara and eyeliner will match perfectly because, yes, there are a multitude of shades of black out there – even if it seems crazy!

Your neutral eyeshadow can also work as a brow plumper

A simple spoolie can transform one of your matte neutral eyeshadows into the perfect brow plumping product. Brush into the powder and swipe onto your brows for the best budget brow product you’ve ever encountered! Another multi-functional product that’s going to save you big time in the long run.

See, makeup doesn’t have to break the bank! Just be thoughtful and mindful with what you’re buying makeup on a budget, where you’re shopping and what you’re actually paying for. You’ll be creating incredible looks whilst still affording your lifestyle in no time.

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