Top 8 Ways to Take Care of Your Swollen Feet

Is there anyone you know happen to struggle with diabetes? If you know any, then it can cause a lot of damage to your feet as your feet are susceptible to get swollen or cause edema. that’s why it is important to take care of your swollen feet.

While foot problems aren’t totally unavoidable among diabetics. There are lots of things you can do and products you can buy to minimize their effects.

Among diabetes, foot issues are quite unavoidable and there are several things that you would be able to do with the products that you buy have been able to minimize the effects caused. If edema is the problem you are facing then it is recommend that you get yourself a pair of edema boots.

Read on to learn about ten of the best tips to take care feet that podiatrists recommended for diabetics.

What is the effect of diabetes on feet?

Prior to entering into the world of specific products and options for treatment, it is crucial for you to understand the manner in which diabetes usually affects your feet. This is the reason why you need to take proper care of your foot being diabetic.

Diabetic people are neither are able to produce insulin and nor are able to make use of it.  When it comes to the insulin it is basically a hormone that assists the cells to make use of sugar for energy. The sugar usually remains in the bloodstream and it remains high with the lack of insulin or when the body is resistant to insulin.                                                                                         

Including the feet, high blood sugar usually causes a lot of issues within the body. Today we are going to share 8 effective ways in which you can deal with your swollen feet and take care of your swollen feet.

Have a Regular Check on Your Feet:

At the same time every day, make sure that you are examining your feet in the best manner. If you are unable to reach out to your feet or see it then get hold of a mirror to get the best look or you can also take the assistance of anyone else to have your feet examined.

You need to look out for blisters, cuts, red spots as well as swelling, and also make sure not to walk barefoot if you are facing edema on your foot, make use of the edema compression boots

Wash Your Feet Daily:

You need to ensure that you are washing your feet in the best way for the prevention of infections. After washing makes sure to dry them carefully even on the spaces that are between your toes.

Apply a thin layer of moisturizer on the tops as well as the bottoms of your feet when they are dry. But, avoid the application of lotions between your toes as this would create excessive moisture and gradually increase your vulnerability over the fungal growth.

Wearing the Right Shoes and Socks:

If you are facing lymphedema, then you can get hold of lymphedema boots as they would be providing you the comfort you are looking for. Always avoid walking barefoot as this would increase the risk of getting your feet injured or increases the chances of getting infected.

If you are looking for some extra support then you can consult with your podiatrist in regards to wearing the orthotic support to assist with the arch or pain on the heels.

Also, make sure that you are wearing diabetic socks with a proper fit and the ones that are not too skinny. You have restricted the blood flow making the condition of your foot worse with the application of a lot of compression.

Promoting Better Circulation:

It is the most crucial point as the diabetic people are struggling with the worst circulation in their feet to find a remedy to this issue in promoting healthy blood flow. It is a great step when you avoid being sedentary for lengthier periods of time.

You need to stand up for every hour and walk and wiggle around on your toes. It is very helpful when it comes to regular exercises as well as jogging.

For keeping the toes and feet moving allowing proper flow of blood the common plantar fasciitis exercises should be done.

Always Trim Your Nails:

Everyone will find a lot of pain with the ingrown nails as they are specifically troublesome for the diabetic people leading up to infections.

For avoiding ingrown toenails, you should be ensure that the nails are shortened as well as trimmed across. The nails that are rounded specifically grow inwards, but by following these tips you can take care of your swollen feet.

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