Detect whether you have ED at home- ways to confirm that you have ED

For men, inability to maintain or have erections is a very sensitive topic. Very few dare to discuss this problem with their wives or in front of the doctors. Most men suffering from erectile dysfunction try to hide the problem from their partners initially not knowing that this is not the solution to their problem.

The problem of ED can have a profound and disastrous effect on your sexual life and relationship. The same is true for the self-esteem of a man. For humans, sex cannot be termed as something necessary for survival.

But a person not able to enjoy his sexual life may suffer from stress, anxiety, fear of others knowing and depression. A person can feel morally hurt and have his confidence plummet due to ED.

But thankfully for all men despite this condition, they can have erections and have sex. This is due to one of the best medicines for ED called Cenforce. Buy Cenforce 100 for ED treatment online and you see the changes for yourselves after using. 

Most men at some point in their lives have erection problems. But that does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from ED. The problem of ED is very complex and has several effects. It may also be affected due to a variety of other diseases or disorders, lifestyle factors, psychological factors, etc.

Signs that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction

But then how can you say that you are suffering from ED? It can be understood only when you understand the science behind how erection is caused. During erections, the brain sends signals to the body of sexual arousal. Hence you try to get cozy and comfortable. The heartbeat increases and so does the blood flowing to the penis. Due to stimulation and touch, it becomes erect and sensitive.

It is quite evident that for having erections there is a complex relationship between the brain, the heart, and nerves. Erections are caused due to physical as well as psychological factors. If any of these does not co-ordinate then you are bound to have difficulty in erections.

Psychological factors such as stress, fear, anxiety, and panic can affect your erections. There may be other sexual problems that slow your sexual activity. But psychological actions trigger mood changes and you have internal sexual drive. Suffering from chronic stress for prolonged periods can mean that you are suffering from ED.

It is very important to understand that you are the first person who will be able to recognize the difficulty in having erections. So your role is extremely crucial as early detection of the problem can mean complete cure. Here is how you can say that you are suffering from ED.

  1. You are experiencing reduced desire for sex

This is one of the problems that you can find out easily. You have an idea of how many times you have sex with your wife in a week right. So check whether in the last couple of weeks it has gone down. While in the bed if you are not feeling the same passion and fire inside then there is a problem.

If you are not sexually aroused then you will not get erections as well. This is because it is your brain that triggers the sexual changes in your body.

What is causing it?

Low sexual drive or lack of sexual mood is caused due to stress. You should consult a doctor immediately. Otherwise, the problem will worsen over time and have havoc consequences. You can use Fildena 100and Cenforce 100for ED treatment online as one of the means for treating ED.

  • Inability to maintain an erection

Sometimes people can have an erection that is not too hard. Your penetration capability is lost and neither can you maintain the erections for a long time. Thus these persons can have difficulty in having copulation.

This type of erection is termed as soft erection. A person suffering from soft erection may get have an erection initially but they are not able to maintain it for a longer period. Thus this can cut down your time spent on the bed.

What is causing it?

There could be various reasons for erectile dysfunction. One of the possible factors could be a sudden reduction in blood supply, sudden mood changes, inability of the heart to pump blood faster for a longer period, etc. Generally, this is an indication of some other disease or disorder in your body that is hampering your sexual activity.

  • Inability to get an erection

Here patients are not able to get erections despite being sexually aroused. The penis does not get hard and erect despite stimulation. This problem is sometimes by birth. Such a condition is termed as impotence. Impotence can also be caused due to accident or injury. In this case, your penis tissues lose the power of erections permanently.

But the problem of ED can be cured using Vidalista 20 and Cenforce 100 for ED treatment online. If despite the stimulation and touches you are not having erections then your ED is at an advanced level. This is generally experienced more in persons who are in their higher 50s or 60s.

What is causing it?

Erectile dysfunction is not caused due to psychological disorders. You are in the mood for having sex but your penis does not react to it. This is generally the indication of a physical disorder such as cardiac problems, nerve-related problems, circulatory problems, diabetes etc. Consult a doctor if you are having such problems. 

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