Why Wearing Contact Lenses Is Good For Sports

Contact lenses give you the freedom to focus on any sport. It will provide you with a clear vision without glasses frames that can obstruct your view. If you play any sport and wear eyeglasses, then it must be time to consider using specialized contact lenses for sports to improve your game. Here are more reasons to choose contacts over glasses when indulging in sports. 

Contact Lenses Are Better Than Eyeglasses

Wearing contact lens for any sport is better than eyeglasses. Contacts won’t slip and slide as you jump, run, and move quickly. Glasses fog up when you sweat or when there are sudden temperature changes too. Usually, glasses will pick up unwanted reflections, and this can severely affect your view, something that you don’t want to happen when engaging in any sport! 

Also, TTDEYE has a wide variety of amazing contact lenses colors and styles to choose from. This is better than wearing everyday old eyeglasses. Some prescription contact lenses also come with an ultraviolet coating to protect your eyes from the sun’s dangerous UV rays. And if your sport requires protective headgear like baseball or football, you can’t wear eyeglasses because it won’t fit in a helmet. 

Contact Lenses Won’t Bounce When You Run

Eyeglass wearers often have to adjust their glasses after a run or even during a race. People who indulge in running activities, jogging, or using the treadmill will need to hold, readjust, or keep their glasses as they run, and doing so can be dangerous for the vision impaired. Wearing contacts removes these problems, and thus you can indulge in sports with a lot of running like basketball, tennis, athletics and so on. 

Contact Lenses Won’t Steam Up When You Sweat

Moving from a cold room to a warm area can fog up eyeglasses fast. Also, when you sweat, the heat coming out of your eyes can easily fog up your glasses, obstructing your view. With contact lenses, you can avoid these worries, and you may also indulge in contact sports like rugby and football. Contact lenses won’t get knocked off your face and won’t get dirty as you play hard. 

Contact Lenses Won’t Get In The Way When You Wear A Helmet

With contact lenses, you can wear helmets which are required for sports like cycling, football, hockey and many more. Protective helmets have to fit well and should support your head well by cradling it comfortably. Inside helmets are layers of foam, which creates a snug cover without room for any eyeglasses. With contact lenses, you can wear almost all kinds of helmets, from tight football helmets to stylish cycling helmets.

Contact Lenses Lets You Wear Snow Goggles

There are many reasons why you need snow goggles or wraparound shades while on a snowy mountain. You can avoid dangerous bright reflections when you wear goggles. You can prevent going snow blind too. Wrap around shades also protects you from any debris as you slide down the slopes with your skis or sled. And it’s a no-brainer that you can’t wear eyeglasses under your goggles or wraparound shades. Thus the only way to enjoy the slopes when you have impaired vision is to get prescription contact lenses.

Contact Lenses Can Be Disposable

You can use disposable contact lens if you don’t want to deal with cleaning, washing, or storing them. Yes, contacts can be a hassle to maintain and to keep, but these enhance your vision perfectly. This is why disposable contacts have become more popular. With disposable contacts, you throw these away when you’re done. No cleaning, no washing, and no more costly and time-consuming cleaning solutions.                      

Contact Lens Won’t Break When You Meet An Accident

Accidents happen in any sport, and you’re at risk of shattered pieces of glass entering your eyes if you’re wearing glasses. Also, even plastic frames can pierce your eyes and make you blind if you tumble and fall with your glasses. With contact lens, you can avoid these accidents and mishaps even when you fall, slide or roll. And because contacts give you a wider view of your surroundings, you are less likely to meet an accident.

Contact Lenses Are Easy to Carry Around

When you’re getting to and from a sporting venue, you need to carry around your sporting equipment, clothes, shoes, towels, and all other personal items. Usually, you might forget your glasses in the shower stall, in your locker, or even on the bus as you move around. With contact lenses, you can wear these all day (rigid gas-permeable glasses may be worn all day), and therefore you won’t forget it anywhere in the gym, at the bus or home. It’s also easier to take your contacts around compared to carrying a bulky glasses case.

Contact Lenses For Water Sports

Some contact lens can be worn while swimming in water. Disposable contacts can be thrown away right after use, and thus, you can prevent water-borne bacteria, viruses, and fungi, which are common in regular contacts. If you wear prescription glasses, you may ask your eye doctor for prescription contacts for swimming. With this type of contact, you will see better, avoid obstructions in the water, and enhance your training day in and out. 

Only an eye doctor can prescribe contact lens for you. You can improve your vision perfectly, even when in sports when you wear contact lenses. 

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  • April 2, 2020 at 5:58 am

    Amazing article I enjoyed reading your post and totally agree with the points that you have putten up in this article. Contact lenses are a very better choice if we compare it to glasses as during sports if you wear glasses and play you fear that you would either drop or break it but using contact lenses can solve all this problem and you will find it easier to focus on your game so contacts are the best choice for sports lovers.


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