Wrist and Hand Stretches for Strength and Mobility

Stretching our hands is essential, we use them all day, every day for a myriad of different functions, so they become tense and worn incredibly quickly. The right movements practiced regularly are going to increase mobility, flexibility and minimize your risk of injury or painful conditions down the line. Once you start your stretching you’re going to wonder how you went this long without doing it! Whether you’re typing at a desk, using your hands for your job or you just spend a minute too many scrolling on your phone, you absolutely need to try out these stretches…

Prayer Hand Stretch

This one is going to challenge your hands and encourage you to release built-up tension. Extend both of your arms out in front of you and bring your elbows together. Press your hands into one another in a praying position, being mindful of keeping your elbows touching. This will bring your hands raised and near your face. Move your elbows away from one another, as you do this you should be lowering your hands simultaneously, most will be able to reach waist height which is where the stretch will be at its most intense. Hold your hands at this point for thirty seconds and repeat a couple of times.

To reset ready for the rest of your day, reach one arm out in front of you parallel to the floor. Your arm should sit around shoulder height and your palms should be turned down towards the floor. Relax your hand and, with your free arm, pull your fingers back towards you. This is going to feel like a strong stretch, but it is amazing for releasing your hands, wrists and fingers. Hold for thirty seconds and repeat on the other side.

Fist Stretch

Clenching and unclenching your fists is fantastic for increasing flexibility and banishing tension from the muscles in your palm. Do this by extending your arms with your palms turned up towards the ceiling. Hinge your arms down to your thighs and ball your hands into fists. Bring your fists off your legs by bending at the wrist, hold for a few seconds, open your fingers as wide as you can as you lower your fists back to your legs. Repeat this ten to twenty times for an amazing release.

Wrist Strengthening

Building strength and resilience is another great way of preventing injury and pain down the line.

For an easy exercise that you can try out at your desk, place your open palms up underneath your desk, flat against the table’s surface. Press upwards to place pressure on your wrists. Hold this for around ten seconds and repeat until you’re fatigued. This will work your whole wrist and forearm area.

Alternately, you can always try out using a good old fashioned stress ball – or tennis ball if you don’t have a stress ball handy. Squeeze down on the ball for around ten seconds at a time and repeat as much as you like, make sure you’re not injuring yourself or experiencing any pain during strength building, it shouldn’t hurt you.

When done regularly, these stretches will really help your hands to feel more mobile and pain-free on a day to day basis. If you really want to treat your hands and wrists to a full release and a bit of a reset, consider undergoing some hand physiotherapy exercises. You’ll get a customized plan that’s going to help you to repair your pain or tension for the long term.

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